Piracy Attacks Drop To Lowest Levels Recorded Since 1992

Looking back at the first three quarters of 2022, the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has reportedly recorded the lowest volume of global armed robbery and piracy cases since 1992.

ICC IMB’s most recent global quarterly report on piracy highlights 90 incidents of armed robbery and piracy against vessels during the first nine months of 2022, the lowest figure recorded in the last three decades.

Perpetrators have successfully accessed the vessels in 95% of the reported cases. Of which 85 vessels were reportedly boarded, one ship was hijacked, and four attempted attacks.

In many cases, vessels were either steaming or anchored when boarded, with almost all these incidents happening during hours of darkness.

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Though these are among the lowest reports in the past decades, violence against crew members continues, with 27 crew members reportedly taken hostage, five threatened, and six assaulted. The risks to crew members, however opportunistic or petty the incident, stay honest.

Of 90 global armed robbery and piracy incidents, 13 were recorded in the Gulf of Guinea, compared to 27 cases in 2021. This indicated a significant and positive decline in the total number of incidents reported in the region of West Africa that emerged as the world’s largest piracy hotspot in recent times.

Michael Howlett, the IMB director, said they commend the efforts of the coastal authorities of the Gulf of Guinea. Although the decline is welcome, continued and sustained efforts of the coastal management and the presence of international navies remain crucial to safeguard the seafarers and long-term global and regional trade and shipping. There’s no space for complacency.

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