Photos: VOS Prime Commencing Walk-To-Work Operations

Vroon Offshore Services is pleased to announce that VOS Prime, modern multi-role platform supply vessel holding SPS notation for 52 persons on board, has mobilised an Ampelmann ‛A-type’ gangway system and engaged in walk-to-work operations at the offshore sub-stations off the Gemini Windfarm since end June 2017.

The expertise of Vroon’s and Ampelmann’s engineering teams has resulted in the ‛A-type’ being positioned on VOS Prime’s deck allowing the ‛weather-window’ performance (i.e. the maximum limit of the combined environmental forces such as wind and sea state, whereby passenger transfers can be safely performed) to be combined with a significant clear-deck space of about 550 square meters available for cargo carrying capacity.

VOS pride
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In her enhanced walk-to-work set up, VOS Prime will continue to operate in the Southern North Sea renewable sector. She has been performing cargo-supply runs, in cooperation with the Germany-based Rhenus Logistics, to the offshore sub-stations in the German sector – including Dolwin Beta, Dolwin Gamma, Veja Mate and Alpha Ventus – on a continuous basis since August 2016.

VOS Prime Ampelmann walk-to-work operations1
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201706 VOS Prime Ampelmann walk-to-work operations2
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VOS Prime Ampelmann walk-to-work operations
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201706 VOS Prime Ampelmann walk-to-work operations3
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