Photos: Ulstein Combines X-BOW Offshore Design With A Cruise Vessel

The ULSTEIN series of cruise vessels combines the offshore tough with a luxury touch. The implementation of the patented X-BOW offshore design ensures that the crew and passengers will have a comfortable journey in any weather, being close to nature whilst protected, on an extraordinary vessel.

An X-BOW cruise vessel is standing out from the ordinary, with its modern and stylistic design. With its extra volume, the X-BOW shape opens up to unrestricted playfulness in the bow. Exciting recreational opportunities can be fitted into the spacious areas, an opportunity for the owner to add a little extra spice and sugar.

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360-degree views from the spacious lounges secure spectacular sights and a feeling of being a part of the nature, while comfortably protected. Underwater lounges add to the thrill. Explorer wings can be implemented in the ship’s sides, to bring passengers close to the water and close to the nature.

Sleeping quality adds to safety No one can command the weather conditions, but the master of an X-BOW vessel can command the sea. Thrusting through the water, the vessel moves gently without causing noise or vibrations in the accommodation. A zero speed retractable stabiliser adds to the comfort effect. The passengers get their rest, as do the crew members, a win-win situation to both parties. Efficient rest for crew also has an effect on safety.

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Tough, safe and responsible The modern X-BOW cruise vessel is based on decades of offshore experience. With low speed loss and no slamming in the bow, even in big waves and bad weather, the ship is less weather-dependent, and does not have to reduce speed. With a more predictable speed, the uncertainty in keeping schedule margins are reduced. The vessel can operate safely, quickly and efficiently even in adverse conditions, and there will be shorter time spent transiting through the harshest sea areas. Our ship solutions lead to reduced emissions to air and sea. Our cruise ships can be adjusted to any type of fuel, including batteries or hybrid systems. Effective engines and propulsion systems, low energy consumption and high fuel efficiency adds to our vessels’ sustainability.

Day-and-night experience The ship’s interior layout will be designed according to owner’s specifications, and to give the passengers an unforgettable experience. The ship can offer facilities for entertainment, recreation and relaxation, such as spa-areas with saunas, pools and massage, infinity pools and Jacuzzis, exercise areas, cinemas and theatre, marine activities, dining and bars. The ULSTEIN cooperation with acknowledged and experienced cruise interior designers ensures a top quality, luxurious touch, all according to the owner’s preferences.

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Logistics adds to customer experience Passengers do not want to spend unnecessary time queueing and waiting when going on excursions. ULSTEIN has elaborated an efficient and functional excursion logistics with a safe and easy embarkation and disembarkation of zodiacs and other crafts and equipment.

Vessels details The ULSTEIN cruise ships can be designed for expedition cruises or destination travels. The low-PAX vessels can accommodate approx. 100-175 passengers (length 100m, beam 18m), while the largest vessels can take approx. 350-800 passengers, or more (length 180m, beam 24m). All suites and cabins have ocean views. The ships can be designed to operate in any kind of conditions in all parts of the world, from Polar areas to the tropical climates. We keep close cooperation with authorities in the early stages of the design development. Our vessels comply with all classifications, regulations and requirements.

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From first idea to turn-key delivery ULSTEIN is a group of expert companies in ship construction, ship design, solutions and marine systems. We follow the complete project, from first ideas and sketches, through design and engineering, further to construction, testing and finishing. A complete package of the latest-version GA drawings and manuals will be handed over at delivery.


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