Photos: Malta’s New FSU Armada LNG Mediterrana Gets Ready

Sail away ceremony of the LNG Floating Storage Unit, which is to be installed as part of the Delimara LNG Import Terminal, was recently held in Singapore.

The FSU project, which will be dispatched to Malta, is the conversion of a first generation Moss LNG Carrier of 125,000m³ storage capacity into a Floating Storage Unit to be permanently moored by a jetty near the Delimara power station.

FSU Armada

The unit will deliver LNG on a continuous basis, without dry-docking interruption to an onshore regasification plant feeding natural gas to the 400 MW base load power station.

FSU Armada LNG Medterrana

After its conversion, the FSU Armada LNG Mediterrana has the following main design features:

  • LNG send-out from 10-150m³/hr
  • Boil Off Gas sent to shore for power plant use
  • Shore power supply to optimize project economics

FSU Armada LNG Mediterranae 2

  • New auxiliary boilers and generating set for Boil Off Gas management and power redundancy when disconnected from jetty
  • No dry docking for 18 years by using FPSO coatings and in water inspection philosophy
  • Environmentally friendly design for propeller shaft and underwater systems to ensure no discharge to sea at any time
  • Spread-mooring arrangements for use in extreme weather conditions
  • Side by Side transfer of LNG by approaching LNG Carriers through LNG hoses

LNG Mediterrana

Bumi Armada won the US$300 million LNG FSU project contract in 2015 from ElectroGas Malta, marking its first entrance in the floating LNG segment.

Keppel shipyard was awarded the LNG FSU conversion contract from Bumi Armada. The conversion of the vessel took almost 17 months.

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