Photos: Innovative AI-Enabled, Smartphone-Controlled, Self-Driving Superyacht Design Unveiled

Ever heard of a superyacht controlled by Smartphone? Yes, technology has now reached such a position that today you can be on a yacht controlled by a smartphone.

AI-Enabled, Smartphone-Controlled Self-Driving Superyacht
Image Credits: @good_de_max – Instagram |

This innovation is coming from Yacht design studio Max Zhivov who has unveiled a self-driving superyacht that can be run from your smartphone. The 85-foot yacht named Drakkar S will usher in a new era of luxury sailing as you can hit the high seas without knowing much about sailing by using this new technology and design.

Built To Empower Amateur Sailors

Any sailor can navigate through the high seas using a smartphone on the Drakkar S. It is as easy and precise in its work that there isn’t much chance of failures even handled by a novice.

AI-Enabled, Smartphone-Controlled Self-Driving Superyacht - Drakkar S
Image Credits: @good_de_max – Instagram |

The idea behind this innovative design was to make more people take yachting by giving them the assurance of safety and efficiency of the self driving technology. With this many more anateur sailors can hit the seas.

Green Technologies in Superyacht

The design studio which stresses on innovative green technologies, has fitted vessels with a state-of-the-art electric motor and an eye-popping 861 square feet of solar panels on their latest project This will make Drakkar S quieter than other yachts on the seas and also empower people with an emission free sailing experience.

AI-Enabled, Smartphone-Controlled Self-Driving Superyacht - Drakkar S
Image Credits: @good_de_max – Instagram |

“We are a small team of designers in love with the sea,” Max Zhivov said on its website. “Our main goal is development of innovative green technologies in yacht design.”

Recently, the superyacht market has seen more green energy and sustainable tech solutions. However, Drakkar stands out due to its high tech autopilot system that sets it apart from the rest of the green energy superyachts. Drakkar will be supported by AI which takes the precision of the navigation system to another level.

AI-Enabled, Smartphone-Controlled Self-Driving Superyacht - Drakkar S
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No Need for Captain

With this technology and design the yacht can approach berth at a right distance for mooring. It can identify surfaces and underwater obstacles instantly in this way. In short you don’t need a captain to steer you clear, the AI enabled interface will do it by itself.

The studio hasn’t released any official release date or production plan details yet and has asked interested people to get in touch with the firm in case of any queries or assistance regarding the matter


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