Photos: Crewmen Tries To Salvage Whatever Left On Sunken Ship

On Friday, the personnel of a half-submerged cargo vessel, the MV Palawan Pearl, tried salvaging whatever valuable items they had on the stricken ship that were lying 100 meters off the Baseco Beach in Manila Bay.

MV Palawan Pearl sinking
Image Credits: @coastguardph – Twitter

MV Palawan Pearl had collided with BKM 104, the Cyprus-flagged utility ship outside the South Harbor Anchorage area on Thursday.

MV Palawan Pearl -sunken
Image Credits: @coastguardph – Twitter

Per authorities, the cargo ship had been carrying 3,000 litres of diesel oil when the collision happened.

MV Palawan Pearl - sunken port
Image Credits: @coastguardph – Twitter

Early on Friday, the Philippine Coast Guard had said that it had not observed an oil spill from the half-sunken vessel.

MV Palawan Pearl - sinking
Image Credits: @coastguardph – Twitter

The oil on the ship was ordinary diesel, and in case it even spills, it will easily dissipate.


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