Photos: 3 Bodies Of Seafarers Recovered From Blazing Offshore Ship In Mumbai

4 seafarers were caught in a fire in an offshore ship near Mumbai and 3 of them have died a brutal death in the process.

rohini fire fighting
Image Credits: Indian Coast Guard

After the fire the bodies of crew members were recovered and authorities are trying to identify them. 2 bodies are burnt beyond recognition. The third seafarer’s body was recognizable but had severe burn injuries.

The Coast Guard informed that one crew has been taken to a Mumbai hospital on an ONGC helicopter after he was rescued from the fire on Saturday. The injured seafarer was under treatment while the coast guard searched for his deceased teammates. Later the body of 3 seafarers were found.

Offshore supply vessel on fire
Image Credits: Indian Coast Guard

Bodies Recovered from Engine Room

“3 bodies of the crew members were recovered by the Indian Coast Guard earlier on Sunday morning from the engine room of the offshore ship ‘Rohini’ that caught fire on Saturday”, said the DG of Shipping, Amitabh Kumar.

On Saturday afternoon around 1pm, the fire started on the ship which was anchored 92 nautical miles from Mumbai. It was near the NQO platform of Mumbai High when the fire erupted.

fire fighting offshore supply vessel -
Image Credits: Indian Coast Guard

2 of them were beyond recognition, the DG added.

Inquiry Ordered

The search operation led by 8 crew members and 11 coast guard officers tried to rescue the seafarers from the offshore ship. An inquiry into the accident will be conducted by a principal officer NMD, Mumbai.

fire fighting offshore supply vessel
Image Credits: Indian Coast Guard

Such fires generally happen when work is being done, said the DG.


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