Philippines Navy Warship Monitored, Tailed By Four Chinese Vessels

A warship of the Philippines was reportedly monitored and tailed by two Coast Guard vessels belonging to China and two Chinese maritime militias close to Mischief Reef, a low-tide elevation in the Spratly Islands, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) confirmed on Saturday.

Commodore Armand Balilo, a PCG spokesperson, reported that China’s maritime militia “fishing boats/ vessels” conducted an intercept course toward the warship of the Philippine Navy.

Chinese Vessels Tailed Philippines Navy Ships
Credits: @GordianKnotRay / Twitter

On 1 February, BRP Andres Bonifacio reportedly adjusted the course to the west as China’s maritime militia vessels had a proximity of approximately eight kilometres, Ray Powell, the security innovator, reported.

Mischief Reef is within the 200 nm exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of the Philippines.

Balilo mentioned that BRP Andres Bonifacio was carrying out a patrol and search mission.

Even though it was tracked and tailed, the relevant official mentioned that Chinese vessels never interfered in the mission or operation of BRP Andres Bonifacio.

References: Bloomberg, CNN Philippines

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