Passenger Dies After Testing COVID-19 Positive Aboard Carnival Cruise

A passenger aboard the Carnival Vistas cruise vessel tested COVID-19 positive and later passed away in Oklahoma. Twenty-seven people aboard the Carnival Vista cruise ship have tested Covid-19 positive in two weeks from late July and early August 2021.

Of the 27 total people who tested COVID-19 positive, 26 of them were crew members of the Carnival cruise vessel. This stands as the highest COVID-19 positive case after the restart of cruise sailing activities in June.

Marilyn Tackett, a native of Oklahoma, tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 virus aboard the Carnival cruise and was rushed to a hospital in Belize.

A statement from her family on a crowdfunding page states that Marilyn got admitted to a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where her health condition deteriorated further, leading to her death.

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A spokesperson for Carnival Vistas cruise ships told Insider in a statement, “We are extremely heartbroken and sorry on hearing news of the death of a guest aboard the Carnival Vista.

The guest most likely didn’t get the COVID-19 virus on the cruise. She was assisted by expert medical care and attention while onboard the cruise and was ultimately evacuated from Belize after her family received the timely resources.”

Passengers who are vaccinated don’t need a negative certificate to board the Carnival cruise ships and could roam freely without face masks. However, following the positive cases in the cruise, the guidelines have been now changed.


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