Panama Ship Registry Is Accredited As Part Of The Qualship21 Program, 1st Time In Over 20 Years

The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), the entity responsible for the Panama Ship Registry, received the approval note from the Coast Guard of the United States of America where it congratulates the country for its classification to the Navigation Quality Program for the Century XXI (Qualship21) and recognizes the flag’s commitment to quality maritime transport, since the ships of the Panamanian fleet that have arrived at US ports have achieved an excellent record of Port State Control.

This is the first time in its more than 20 years of existence that the Panama Ship Registry manages to classify in this prestigious program of the United States government.

With the purpose of guaranteeing a safe maritime trade that is committed to the environment, the United States Coast Guard created this program that began to apply on January 1, 2002. To qualify for this program, ships must comply with the established requirements. , which encourage those exemplary vessels that have leaned towards compliance and good environmental management.

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Ships flying the Panamanian flag reported a compliance percentage above the 99% required for inclusion in the Qualship21 program. This is the result of a series of measures that were put in place to guarantee the reduction of possible detentions upon the arrival of ships at US ports, among which the following stand out:

  • That all Panamanian-flagged vessels that will transit or visit national ports before their arrival in the United States must carry out an Annual Safety Inspection (ASI) as soon as they arrive at any port or terminal in Panama.
  • As of August 1, 2022, the AMP began a special program of flag inspections that was implemented for ships that arrive at ports of the United States and whose history makes them candidates for a Port State Inspection by the Guard. Coastal United States of America.

The General Directorate of the Merchant Marine, working hand in hand with the Flag Inspectors, the Recognized Organizations, and the Segumar Technical Offices located in the United States and Panama, achieved this milestone for the Panamanian Registry, which shows the effort of the institution and its human resources in changing work methods and in monitoring the fleet.

Similarly, the Certificate that accredits Panama as a flag that meets all the eligibility criteria to be part of the Qualship21 program was received.

Panama encourages its ship owners, operators, and captains to meet the highest standards in their operation to guarantee a safer, more innovative, and sustainable maritime industry, always maintaining the protection of human life at sea and the protection of the environment as a principle. atmosphere.

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