Pakistan Navy Rescues Nine Crew Members From India After Ship Capsizes In The Arabian Sea

The Pakistani Navy said on Thursday that it rescued and saved nine crew members from India from drowning after their vessel reportedly capsized in the Arabian Sea.

The incident occurred on 9 August close to the coastal town of Gwadar in Balochistan when the Indian sailing vessel named “Jamna Sagar” reportedly sank with ten crew members onboard; Pakistan Navy’s Director General of Public Relations mentioned in a statement.

Pakistan Navy Rescues Nine Crew Members From India
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The navy got the news of the vessel, responded to the distress call, and the Pakistan Maritime Information Centre also requested a close-by merchant vessel named the “MT KRUIBEKE” to aid the stranded crew members of the Indian ship. The statement mentioned that the merchant vessel ultimately saved nine crew members and carried on with the voyage to the next port at Dubai and onward disembarked the crew members.

Simultaneously, two helicopters and one vessel of the Pakistan Navy also reached the spot and located the body of a missing crew member at the time of the ship’s sinking.

The statement added that the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) authorities took over the body for advanced proceedings.

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