Oxford & TUD Release New Analysis To Help Pave The Way To Zero Emission Shipping

A new international analysis on Innovation Needs for Decarbonization of Shipping provides insides and guidance on how to decarbonize shipping.

The analysis concludes that many green fuel technologies have already undergone considerable development and are being deployed through e.g., selected demonstration projects. Yet, despite the positive movement taking place, there remains the significant commercial, regulatory and innovation obstacles to be addressed to support the decarbonization of international shipping.

The analysis has been conducted by Oxford Research and the Technical University of Denmark on behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority, and is one of Denmark’s contributions to the international public-private partnership ‘Zero-Emission Shipping Mission’.

shipping representation
Image Credits: mission-innovation.net

It will provide new knowledge and insights on the road to zero-emission shipping to public and private stakeholders, and it will be used to further refine and prioritize the key gaps and measures relevant for the work of the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission in both the short and long run in order to meet the goals set out for 2030.

This week at COP26 in Glasgow, the analysis was used as a basis for a number of panel discussions on the pathway to zero-emission shipping. Discussions included the importance of public-private collaboration across the entire value chain if we are to successfully reach the goal of commercially viable zero-emission shipping.

Please find the full-length analysis here

Reference: dma.dk

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