OneOcean Launches The Next-Generation Of Its Voyage Planning Platform

OneOcean, the international leader in maritime navigation and compliance software, launches the new and improved OneOcean platform. The platform has received a thorough remodeling to provide the next generation of voyage planning and compliance.

Four all-important characteristics of the new software offer customers a more robust and personalized experience. These focus on visually integrating data for better decision-making, structuring processes through a fully digital workflow, enhancing decision-making through AI, and reducing risk through customization.

The brand-new platform leverages all the maritime data it has gathered to power a truly intuitive, AI-based voyage planning solution. Its interface has also been conceived to make the platform even easier to use and aspects of a compliant voyage plan are now visible on a single screen. This means officers no longer need to jump back and forth between modules to make changes to a plan.

The platform has received a thorough remodelling to provide the next generation of voyage planning and compliance
Image Credits: OneOcean

Decision-makers can now collaborate and see all sections of a voyage plan, allowing them to quickly understand the risks and operations of the upcoming voyage. By unifying workflows, OneOcean now also enables full, end-to-end passage planning, incorporating route generation, weather evaluation, environmental compliance, safety checks, optimizations, and scenario evaluation.

OneOcean constantly collaborated with customers during its development to create a solution that was able to meet the needs of users both onboard and ashore. By using defined focal areas and customer partnerships, OneOcean’s portfolio is continuing to grow and create an innovative solution that connects ships and shore-side teams.

“Our customers have given feedback that they value an intelligent voyage planning solution, one that can take even more variables into account to generate a passage plan that is accurate, dynamic, and configured to meet the unique needs of their company and the specifications of each vessel,” says Martin Taylor, CEO of OneOcean Group. “This solution will provide a big picture view supporting effective decision-making to deliver significant benefits to users both ashore and onboard.”

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