One Of World’s Largest 24,000TEU Ultra Large Container Carriers Undocked In Shanghai

On 19 May, one of the world’s largest 24000 TEU Ultra Large Container Carriers (ULCC) built by Hudong-Zhonghua was undocked successfully in Changxing Shipbuilding Base. On the same day itself, another 13000-ton multipurpose heavy lift vessel No. 12 had been named and delivered at Pudong.

The 24000TEU ULCC No. 2, was designed by Hudong-Zhonghua. It has a total length of 399.99 meters, and a width of 61.5 meters. Its cargo hold depth is 33.2 meters. The deck area is 24,000 square meters.

Evergreen Ship at Hudong-Zhonghua
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It is 60 meters longer than the world’s biggest aircraft carrier. It can be loaded with 240,000 tons of cargo and can transport over 24,000 TEUs. The ULCC has the advantages of low energy consumption and rapidity. Its performance indexes have also touched an advanced level internationally.

United Heavy Lifting - UHL Felicity
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The 13, 000 ton MPP heavy-lift vessel named for delivery today is one of the classic vessels built by Hudong-Zhonghua. So far, Hudong-Zhonghua has delivered 12 vessels. The vessel’s width is about 25.6 meters and its length is 149.99 meters. It boasts a depth of 13.5 meters and a design draft of 6.8 meters. Its structural draft is about 8.3 meters and comes with a service speed of up to 15.3 knots. The vessel has two 450-ton cranes, with a total lifting capacity of up to 900 tons.


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