One Of The Vessels Involved In Collision Off Swedish Coast Starts Sinking

A Danish vessel that collided off the Swedish coast, leaving behind one dead crew member and one more missing, has begun taking on water. It is likely to sink soon, the Swedish Coast guard reported on Wednesday.

At least one individual, a Danish crewman from Karin Hoj, passed away in the collision with the Carrier. The accident took place when it was foggy and dark off Bornholm in the wee hours on Monday.

Karin Hoj capsized owing to the collision. It remained afloat. It was gradually towed toward shallow water, where the search operation took place. It has started taking in more water and an unprecedented amount of oil spilled from the barge.

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It added that the ship would be salvaged. However, the process would take more time if the vessel sank. A prosecutor from Sweden said on Wednesday that a Croatian member onboard the Scot Carrier had been released even though he was kept being investigated.

A British man, held due to collision for several reasons, including bringing death via negligence, stays in custody, Tomas Olvmyr, a Public Prosecutor mentioned in a statement.

The prosecutor mentioned on Tuesday that both crew members had crossed the legal limit mentioned for alcohol.

The accident resulted in a rescue operation that resulted in the discovery of a dead body of one of the two crew members from Denmark in the vessel’s hull. The other member continues to be missing.

Scotline said on Tuesday that both the company and crew members were cooperating with the investigation.

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