One Of The Biggest Cruise Ships In The World May Be Scrapped Or Sold Off Before Its First Voyage

Global Dream is one of the biggest cruise vessels in the world. It boasts a capacity to hold almost 9,000 guests. MV Werften, a German shipbuilder, constructed the £ 900 vessel for Dream Cruises.

While the vessel did make it to the headlines for its impressive structure and amazing capacity, it received a great deal of attention after MV Werften had announced bankruptcy and decided to abandon the project in January 2022.

Shockingly, the vessel is yet to embark on its first voyage. If the news reports being circulated are believed, they may be sold off soon or scrapped.

Global Dream has been sitting in limbo at a dockyard based in Germany’s Wismar for several months. The same space also houses the vessel Global Dream II, which is not yet completed.

Global Dream
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MV Werften has been trying for months to find a potential buyer for the two 08,000-ton ships. But so far, nothing has materialized yet. All Global-class vessels were planned to measure almost 201,000 gross tonnages but were ramped up to 208,000 in their final design.

If the situation remains the same, the vessel may have to be removed and then scrapped altogether.

However, some recent reports claimed that Stena, the travel giant, is currently trying to assess the situation and may also become one of the potential buyers.

The ship is not finished yet. Per Administrator Christoph Morgen, heavy work is required throughout the vessel to make it ready and presentable for guests.

When it comes to Global dream II, it’s likely to be moved out of the dockyard soon as ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, a shipbuilding major, reportedly acquired the space following MV Werften’s liquidation.

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