Oldendorff Carriers Fleet Increases By $716M Since Last SMM

With SMM this week, VesselsValue has put together an infographic looking at the best performing German owners since 2017 SMM. By comparing every German owners’ fleet value on the first day of SMM 2017 against today’s fleet value, we can see the German fleets which have grown the most in value and in a total number of owned vessels.

performing german
Image Credits: vesselsvalue.com

Oldendorff Carriers top the list by growing their fleet by 22 vessels and increasing their total value by 716 million USD. Today their total fleet comprises 109 vessels worth 2.6 billion USD.

In second place is MPC Containerships, adding 52 vessels to their owned fleet in 12 months. An impressive addition, considering during SMM 2017 MPC fleet owned 14 vessels worth 95.8 million USD. Today MPC Containerships own 66 vessels worth 631 million USD.

Press Release: vesselsvalue.com

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