NYK’s Whistleblowing System Certified By Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency

NYK’s whistleblowing system was certified as a “Whistleblowing Compliance Management System”* by Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency.

NYK offers several consultation services for officers and employees to discuss concerns about or report workplace misconduct, harassment, and non-compliance activity, including the Yusen Chat Room, which provides connections to other employees and outside lawyers, and a telephone consultation line operated by the outside service provider.

Whistleblowing System
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By increasing the effectiveness of its whistleblowing system, NYK seeks to build a healthy corporate culture and ensure the highest standards of ethics and integrity to promote incorporating ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria into business strategies.

* Whistleblowing Compliance Management System (WCMS)
If a company’s whistleblowing program meets the criteria for certification based on the “Guidelines for Private Enterprises Regarding the Development and Operation of Internal Reporting Systems Based on the Whistleblower Protection Act” established by the Consumer Affairs Agency, the designated registration agency will issue a certificate to the company and grant it the right to use the official WCMS mark.

Reference: nyk.com

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