NYK Sponsors “Family Day” In Effort To Reform Employee Work Styles

As part of the company’s efforts to reform employee work styles, NYK sponsored a “Family Day” during which children of employees engaged in activities at the head office and then escorted their parents home promptly at 5 p.m.

class using block
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This was the second consecutive year that the event was held and allowed each child to gain a better understanding of their parent’s workplace. Furthermore, the visit encouraged parents to shorten their work hours and spend more time in communication with loved ones.

Nine elementary-school-aged children of employees visited the head office in central Tokyo, and after receiving a presentation on NYK’s activities and seafarers’ onboard duties, the children participated in two classes, one class using blocks to understand the structure of a containership and another class charting safe courses while checking the meanings of symbols for possible obstructions.

charting class
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During the final event of the day, the children exchanged business cards with NYK director, senior managing corporate officer Yoshiyuki Yoshida and managing corporate officer Tomoyuki Koyama.

exchange business cards
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The NYK Group will continue to make efforts to strengthen its human resources by recognizing the importance of work-life integration and reviewing workstyles to make efficient use of time, as the company strives to help employees find a suitable balance between work and personal life.

Press Release: nyk.com

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