NYC To House 1000 Asylum Seekers In A Cruise Terminal

On Saturday, January 21, New York City Mayor Eric Adams revealed that they are converting a cruise ship terminal into an asylum shelter. The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal will be used for this purpose with a facility to lodge 1000 people with medical care, food and other services. 

The first movers will be joining in from another centre which is in a hotel. The hotel will then turn into an asylum for families that have children. 

An estimated 41000 asylum seekers have been in the city since the spring of last year, and the terminal will provide the base for these “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief” centres. The Mayor is planning five such centres, which will lodge 28000 people.

NYC Cruise Ship terminal
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They have also roped in 77 hotels to use them as emergency shelters. Earlier, they planned to create beach tents but later cancelled that because of flooding concerns,

They tried creating tents on a parking and sports facilities island, but it was closed after three weeks of low intake of people. Many have said that the cruise terminal plan is ill-conceived as it could be flooded. They have deemed it unsuitable for housing people. 

People say hotels and existing homeless shelters are the best short-term and long-term options. People are also against continuously shuffling asylum seekers from one place to another. 

References: Bronx News, ABC News


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