Nuclear Power Vessel Wins China Patent Award

A nuclear power vessel introduced by five Chinese R&D engineering firms bagged the China Patent Award, per media reports on Thursday.

Per China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), the “nuclear power vessel,” a patent from five Chinese ocean-engineering firms, was chosen to be awarded the China Patent Excellence Award, according to China Ship News.

Set by CNIPA and the World Intellectual Property Organization, the China Patent Award is the only Chinese governmental award that rewards inventions with patent rights.

Nuclear Power Vessel
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This is not the first time China revealed the development of a ship boasting nuclear power.

In 2018 (June), the China National Nuclear Corporation started public bidding to construct a nuclear-powered icebreaker support vessel to open waterways in the polar region and offer electricity.

Military observers mentioned that constructing a nuclear-powered icebreaker support vessel means that China has moved closer to its nuclear-powered aircraft carrier manufacture.

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