NSRI Mykonos Assists Injured Crew of Cargo Carrier MV New Taizhou

Morne Dettmer, NSRI Mykonos deputy station commander, said: At 08h00, Friday, 04th August, NSRI Mykonos duty crew were activated by the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) following a request for medical assistance from the cargo carrier MV New Taizhou, at anchor approximately 9 nautical miles off-shore of St Helena Bay on the West Coast, reporting a 25 year old Chinese crewman injured following a reported fall onboard the vessel and reported to have occurred on Thursday.

The crewman had suffered back pain and lacerations in the fall.

MV New Taizhou NSRI _TNPA
Image Credits: nsri.org.za

We were informed that the back pain had been relieved following medical assistance by the ships medical crew but arrangements had been made for the crewman to be seen to by a doctor on shore.

The sea rescue craft Gemini Rescuer II was towed to St Helena Bay and launched and on arrival at the ship the injured crewman, walking wounded and in a stable and satisfactory condition, was transferred onto our sea rescue craft accompanied by a ships crewman acting as interpreter and we brought the injured sailor to shore where he was seen to by a doctor.

MV New Taizhou
Image Credits: nsri.org.za

Later, our NSRI Mykonos crew, still in the area at the time, were requested to transport the seamen back to the ship following treatment by the doctor and we carried out the return trip delivering the 2 crewmen back to the ship without incident.

Sea conditions were calm and the operation was completed at 14h02.

Reference: nsri.org.za

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