North Korean Missile Tests Pose Significant Threat To Shipping, Nations Warn UN

North Korea’s missile tests have been endangering the safety and security of commercial shipping, especially in critical sea lanes in northeastern Asia, without adequate time for notifications, several nations informed a UN agency on Wednesday.

Nuclear-armed sixth satellite launch of North Korea on Wednesday was a failure, with the payload and booster plunging directly into the sea. Still, it prompted evacuation warnings and emergency alerts in parts of Japan and South Korea.

North Korean Missile Tests Pose Significant Threat To Shipping, Nations Warn UN
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A resolution adopted by a majority of more than 100 countries that were attending the security committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) “strongly” condemned these missile tests that threatened the safety and security of seafarers and international shipping.

North Korea has strongly rejected the resolution and a paper submitted by nations, including the US, Japan, and South Korea. It added in response that the missile tests constitute planned and routine self-defensive steps adopted by a sovereign state to defend national security.

North Korea is not in a state to be able to send out prior notification of the country’s military exercises and/or its self-defensive measures, it said to the IMO committee.

North Korea further mentioned that the missile launches were based on accurate scientific calculations and considerations of their point of impact and the channels of ships voyaging in waters.

The paper was reportedly submitted by France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, Ukraine, Britain, Norway, Spain, and Vanuatu.

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