Non-Stop Operations At LA Port Continue To Clear Shipping Queues

The Port of Los Angeles (LA), one of the largest in the United States, will be operating 24 hours a day to clear the queue of ships waiting outside. The development was tweeted by US President Joe Biden, who assured that his administration was working hard to move goods faster and strengthen the resilience of supply chains.

The move comes as global efforts are underway to ease supply issues that could lead to shortages of goods in the run-up to Christmas. The intention is to unload 3,500 extra containers at night each week.

The decision to be open throughout 24 hours follows a similar step taken by the Long Beach (LB) port. Together, the ports handle around 40% of the cargo container entering the country.

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The White House has said that major companies like FedEx and Walmart will enhance their round-the-clock operations to help clear the backlog.

Supply chains all over the world have been affected as economies reopen and consumer demand picks up in the shadow of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As retailers strived to restock inventories, the shipping networks kept struggling to cope up. Covid-related shutdowns at important factories and ports all over Asia have contributed to the issue.

The pressure on the shipping networks pushed up prices of toys, timber, clothes, and pet food in the US and other countries. At the same time, consumer prices kept going up. Many cargo ships have been at the anchorage area of the Ports of LA and LB for weeks now. The number was 58 on Tuesday morning. The peak was 73 container ships two weeks ago.


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