No Information On Kidnapped Seafarer From MV Tampen After 11 Days Of Pirate Attack

It has been over 10 days since the Indian seafarer has been missing. He is believed to have been abducted by sea pirates from their ship, the MV Tampen, that has been anchored in Gabon, the West African nation. There has been no information regarding the missing man’s whereabouts.

Kumar’s brother has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office and the Ministry of External Affairs. There has been no response to those emails. He has also been trying to contact the shipping company, Proactive Shipping Management, every day. That has also not been helpful.

Kumar’s brother has said that their family is in a dire situation. Nobody has been empathizing with the family members.

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The sailor, aged 30, hailed from Gurdaspur district, Punjab. He was the Second Engineer on the MV Tampen. He was married last year.

MV Tampen, with 17 Indian crew members, had been sailing to the UAE. On encountering unforeseen challenges concerning its propulsion, it was anchored two kilometres from Gabon’s Owendo anchorage. That’s when the pirates boarded the ship.

The shipowner is a Mumbai-based company called Prince Marine Transport Service Pvt Ltd. The seafarers, however, had been provided by Proactive Ship Management.

The ship sailing to the UAE from Cameroon had been encountering technical problems on its way. Its propulsion systems had paused several times.

The vessel had been diverted to Owendo to undergo necessary repairs as it was the nearest port.

On 5 September 2021, six pirates had reportedly attacked the ship and abducted Kumar. They also attacked and shot two other seafarers.
Officials of Proactive Ship Management were unavailable for comment.


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