New Facts Unveiled On The Detention Of Russian Vessel In Gulf Of Gdańsk

On the night of 3-4 December, a vessel with the flag of Russia on its way from Klaipeda to the North Port, Gdańsk, left the appointed fairway and refused to respond to VTS Service calls.

The ship did not acknowledge the calls coming from the Harbor Master’s Office. The Maritime Department of Border Guard was asked for immediate intervention due to the possibility of posing a risk to maritime traffic and the threat of being stranded in the vicinity of Sobieszewo Island.

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A unit of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service, additionally, was also sent to the scene. When some time passed, contact could be established with the unit directed to the anchorage of the Northern Port. Officers from the Kashubian Border Guard Squadron got on the ship and examined the sobriety of the crew members.

Three members of the crew, including the captain, had been intoxicated. The ship is now at the North Port anchorage. The inspector of the Port State Inspectorate of the Maritime Office in Gdynia, assisted by Border Guard officers, inspected the ship. On the basis of the report, a note on the detention of the unit was issued. The police were informed about the case.


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