World’s First Long Rail Transport Vessel Under Construction

Sumitomo Corporation has arranged for the manufacture and outfitting of the world’s first long rail transport vessel (“the Vessel”) for the transport of 150 m steel rails (“long rails”) manufactured by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (“NSSMC”) at its Yawata Works facility.

For many years, Sumitomo Corporation has supplied steel rails manufactured by NSSMC to users worldwide. These rails are highly resistant to wear and surface defect, and are the only rails in the world that are rolled/produced in 150 m length. However, the structural limitations of vessels used for exporting long rails require it be cut and shipped in six components. The Vessel, with its epoch-making new structure will make it possible to transport long rails in their original length and thereby contribute to further stability of track, in addition to the reduction in track maintenance by the decrease in the welds in railway operations.

Due to be completed in August 2014, the Vessel will be about 190 m in total length, with a deadweight tonnage of 23,000 tons, and will be outfitted with a 155 m hold and three cranes. It is being built by Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co., Ltd., a leader in building a wide variety of vessel types.

Long Rail (150m) Transport Vessel

By responding to the growing demand for long rails worldwide, especially in the North American market, Sumitomo Corporation continues its quest to improve its existing business infrastructure, and actively expand its business in the railway materials and equipment field.

Reference & Image Credits: sumitomocorp

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