Mysterious Ship On The Verge Of Sinking In The Black Sea Refuses Help From Rescue Team

A mysterious ship sailing in the Black Sea is on the verge of sinking. Yet, its captain refuses to take help, leading to rising suspicions about the ship’s details, its owner and the kind of cargo it is carrying, all of which remains unknown.

Video Credits: ZIUA de Constanta 

The Tanzanian-flagged cargo vessel called AMANOS might sink off the Romanian Coast any time. Per media sources, the ship is manned by 8 crew members, of which 6 are from Azerbaijan and 2 from Turkey.

An SOS signal was sent from the ship 1.5 nm from Mangalia, Romania. The vessel’s crew asked the Romanian Coast Guard Service for help, stating that the ship’s bow was broken and water was entering the vessel. Assuming it could flood and sink soon, rescue ships were immediately dispatched.

However, when the three rescue ships named Teia, Brisco and Fenics arrived at the location, they were shocked when the ship’s captain did not allow the rescuers to board the vessel and refused to take any help from them.

He said that the crew could take care of the damages and conduct minor repairs. He then sailed to sea towards Bulgarian waters. Although it is unknown what cargo was loaded on the ship, how the captain behaved raises many questions.

This ship was constructed in 1978 and left the Izmail Port in the Odesa region of Ukraine on 14th August. Its destination is unknown, and information about its owner is also confidential.

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