Mysterious Cargo Ship Found In Ireland, Photographer Shares Inside Footage

Abandoned vessels are found in several places around the world, however, it is always a mystery how ships get abandoned or destroyed in the middle of huge water bodies. In a similar incident, a gigantic ship has been discovered in Ballycotton, a coastal village in Ireland.

In 2020, the ship was marooned on the rocks in Ireland following its engine failure. On being washed up in Storm Dennis, the ship is half ashore now in Ballycotton, Cork.

A photographer and explorer recently shared footage from inside the rusting hull of MV Alta merchant. The footages captured show the intensity of huge waves lapping against the hull.

The photographer had climbed aboard the rusting vessel to show the condition within. He showed that the pulleys and ropes have remained on the deck.

MV Alta washed up on shore of Ballycotton
Image Credits: @IrishCoastGuard – Twitter

He also showed ladders and doorways of the vessel which have been rusting. From a wide-angle, the explorer captured the structure and position of MV Alta on the rocks. Some holes and the unstable condition of the vessel are evident from the video.

On June 5, the explorer posted the footage on Tik Tok. The video clip has been viewed more than 18,000 times. Until now, nobody has claimed ownership of the ship. Reportedly, it has sailed in the ocean unmanned for more than a year and a half before running aground.

The Irish government will need to spend nearly £8.5 million to remove the ship. However, it is most likely to avoid doing so as the vessel is damaged and the scrap metal will not compensate the expense of removal. It appears like the vessel will remain on the rocks to disintegrate further.


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