MV Seaman Guard Crew Including “Chennai 6” Acquitted By Indian Court

Human Rights at Sea has been informed that the entire crew, including the six British maritime security guards known as the ‘Chennai 6’, have been acquitted of all charges by an Indian Court.This has followed a four year fight for justice since their arrest on the 12th October 2013 while operating the MV Seaman Guard Ohio anti-piracy vessel off the Indian coast in international waters.

The vessel was owned by a then US-registered company, Advanfort.

Indian Court
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Charity Founder and Trustee, David Hammond, said: “We have just received the news from India and while we are waiting for the full details to come through, this is a just decision for the entire crew and one which has been the result of a tenacious campaign by the families, many individual efforts, with government intervention behind the scenes, as well as maritime union and welfare organisations combining their resources to see justice done. We now trust that the crew’s repatriation will not be hindered in anyway whatsoever.”


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