MSC’s Second Eco-Friendly 24,116 TEU Ship Undocked

The vessel, often referred to as the world’s largest container vessel until now, was reportedly seen undocked on 1 August at the Changxing Shipbuilding Base.

Known for representing a new record for Hudong-Zhonghua, the container ship, the MSC Tessa, exceeds the 24,000 TEU class ship Ever Alot, which was recently delivered by 112 TEUs.

Together, the two vessels indicate the increase in the construction of ultra-large container vessels in the world, spearheaded by shipbuilders from China.

Hudong-Zhonghua designs the new build. It measures about 399.99 meters in length and a width of about 61.5 meters.


It’ll have energy-conserving ducts, hybrid and scrubbed desulfurization unit, a relatively small bulbous bow, and large propellers. Simultaneously, the vessel uses a bubble drag reduction system that lowers energy consumption and carbon emissions by 3%–4%.

The shaft generator is used for the first time. The shipbuilder elaborates that this can reduce fuel consumption, enhance EEDI energy efficiency indicators, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The vessel is also the first in a series of four 24,116 TEU container ships that MSC ordered. It is reportedly scheduled to be completed and delivered within 2022.

In July 2022, a subsidiary of MSC named the MSC Ship Management Limited of Cyprus reportedly signed a framework agreement with Quadrise, the bioMSAR and MSAR supplier, to test the use of lower-carbon fuels on one or more container vessels.

References: Offshore Energy

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