MSC’s MEDLOG Clinched ‘Logistic Solution Of The Year’ Award

MEDLOG took home the “Logistic Solution of the Year” award at the Seatrade Maritime Awards International 2020, which was held on 6 November in Shanghai, China.

MEDLOG won the award for its innovative multimodal solution offered in Nigeria which has made a significant contribution to the advancement of efficiency in the door-to-door movement of cargo.

MEDLOG Barge Terminal, Lagos, Nigeria
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Due to the deteriorating infrastructure surrounding the ports of Lagos, Nigeria, and the main roads that lead to major areas of Lagos, logistics has been becoming more complex. Increasing bottlenecks are having a negative impact on efficiency, cost and supply chains locally.

MEDLOG came up with the solution to open a barge terminal, bonded terminal and depot facility in the western part of the Lagos Port. This shifted the clearing/forwarding and loading/off-loading points for importers and exporters to an area that eliminated the existing bottlenecks. At the same time, MEDLOG also provided the necessary equipment and intermodal services for inland movement of cargo.

The combined multimodal solution of barging, off-dock depot premises and inland trucking has provided consignees and shippers with an attractive alternative to help them overcome the severe road and traffic congestion issues they face in Lagos.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award for MEDLOG’s logistics solutions. We are very proud of the award and very proud of everybody who has contributed towards ensuring MEDLOG is recognised as a top multimodal ground operator, always seeking to offer the most efficient solution to our customers to overcome operational burdens.” Giuseppe Prudente, MEDLOG President


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