MoU Signed To Develop Gravifloat Technology for LNG-to-Power Near-Shore Terminals

Singapore-based Sembcorp Marine Ltd’s subsidiary, Sembcorp Marine Rigs & Floaters Pte. Ltd., and Paris-based ENGIE have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to cooperate in the development and deployment of Sembcorp Marine’s proprietary Gravifloat technology for LNG-to-Power near-shore terminals, focusing on small LNG power businesses with 10 MW to 300 MW capacities.

Gravifloat solutions are steel-based modularised and floatable structures fixed to the seabed at site. As compelling alternatives to existing onshore and floating LNG facilities, these structures are re-floatable and can be redeployed to another location.

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They combine as such the advantages of floating and land-based solutions while avoiding their respective drawbacks.

Easily scalable, Gravifloat solutions can be flexibly configured with various proven land-based plants and equipment.

Gravifloat modules are constructed and tested at Sembcorp Marine’s shipyards, leveraging the latter’s expertise, fabrication methodology, infrastructure, and timely delivery.

Since 2015, Sembcorp Marine and ENGIE have been discussing a Gravifloat 3-in-1 integrated solution for near-shore receiving, storage and regasification of LNG as well as power generation. Combining the expertise of ENGIE in power generation and LNG with the versatility of Sembcorp Marine’s Gravifloat technology, the parties intend to develop and promote this 3-in-1 solution to meet the needs of emerging markets. They will be working together on targeted projects.

“This agreement with Sembcorp Marine will enrich ENGIE’s offerings to its customers with an additional innovative LNG-to-Power solution particularly well suited for harsh weather conditions and with a short time to market,” says Mr. Didier Holleaux, ENGIE Executive Vice President.

“Sembcorp Marine’s Gravifloat technology, together with our yard facilities for fabricating the Gravifloat structures, is an excellent complement to ENGIE’s technical know-how and experience in the LNG-to-power business. We value this collaboration and are looking forward to a successful project with ENGIE,” says Mr. William Gu, Sembcorp Marine Head of Rigs & Floaters.


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