More Than 60 Missing & 17 Dead After Ship Sinks Off Madagascar Coast

About 17 individuals passed away and 60 continued to be missing after a vessel sank off Madagascar’s northeast coast early on Monday. The information was shared by maritime authorities.

Jean Edmond Randrianantenaina, the port authority chief, said that of 130 passengers, 45 aboard could be rescued. Rescue searches had been continuing for those remaining. Local volunteers have also come forward to the mission.

bird sitting on a sunken ship
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He added the vessel was nothing more than a cargo ship that had illegally taken passengers on. Adrien Fabrice Ratsimbazafy, yet another port authority official, said that following a technical glitch affecting the engine, the vessel caught itself at the mercy of the waves and ended up foundering on a reef.

Gendarmes teams had headed to the site and an investigation got started on the island nation off Africa’s southeastern coast.


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