MOL Starts Sales Of Used Ship Equipment From Vessel Demolition Yards In Turkey

Turkey Denizcilik Ve Lojistik Tic. A.Ş (MOL Turkey) launched sales of used ship equipment from vessel demolition yards in Turkey (Note 1). MOL Turkey will promote recycling and reduce waste of used ship equipment, which until now had to be stored for long periods of time or disposed of at vessel demolition yards in Turkey, by selling them to customers around the world via a newly established cross-border e-commerce website.

Currently, mainly antique items account for most of the site’s listings, but the company is looking at ways to expand the selection in the future with large items such as ship equipment and lifeboats.

MOL shop website
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The MOL Group’s entry into the e-commerce business in Turkey and expansion of its logistics business domain further strengthens the group’s activities based in Turkey, in line with the regional strategy, one of the group’s key strategies.

In addition, taking into consideration vessel demolition yards (Note 1) around the world, especially in nations such as India and Bangladesh, where huge numbers of ships are dismantled, the group aims to globally expand its business domain outside of ocean transport.

Items for sale on MOL shop
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(Note 1) Limited to yards conforming to/certified by the Ship Recycling Convention.

(Note 2) EC stands for electronic commerce. The cross-border e-commerce site handles global online product sales.


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