MOL Ship Management Acquires Latest Certification For Environment And Energy Management Systems

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. announced on July 24th, that on July 20, its core dry-cargo ship management company, MOL Ship Management Co., Ltd.  received a new certification of its Environmental Management System ISO14001: 2015 (*1) and Energy Management System ISO50001 (*2) from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)  after undergoing stringent transition audit and renewal audit processes.

MOLSHIP acquired ISO14001: 2004 and ISO50001: 2011 certifications at the same time from ClassNK in July 2014 (*3). Since then, it has worked to prevent ocean pollution through management of MOL’s concept ship “ISHIN series” as typified by the eco car carrier Emerald Ace, and set wide-ranging environmental and energy targets, striving for reduction of the environmental impact of vessel operation and protect the ecosystem through continual improvements and reviews.

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MOL set the “Environment” as one of the items to be strengthened on a company-wide basis in the new management plan “Rolling Plan 2017.” MOLSHIP and MOL Group dry-cargo ship management companies carefully collect and verify CO2 emissions data through ship management activities, validate and maintain the reduction effects of new technologies such as heat recovery systems, make the most effective use of onboard power sources, and take measures such as reduction of waste generated onboard. All of these efforts contribute to growing the MOL Group’s environment and emission-free business, which is one of the group’s next-generation core businesses, and while protecting the global environment.

(*1)The international standards, which were fully revised in 2015 with the goal of addressing both reduction of environmental risks and business management issues.

(*2)International standards, set down in 2011, that stipulate processes necessary for achieving continual improvement of energy performance including efficiency, and monitoring the type and volume of energy used.

(*3)For details, please refer to the press release on July 30, 2014:
MOL Ship Management Earns Certifications for Energy/Environmental Management Systems at the Same Time


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