MOL Offers Students A Close Look At Careers In The Maritime Shipping Industry

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) welcomed 18 students from Shibuya Junior High School on a workplace visit to the head office in Toranomon on May 13. Every year, the school provides a field trip program aimed at giving them a deeper understanding of society through a tour of a company or organization and interviews with its employees and providing students with opportunities to think about their future careers.

Students view monitors during an explanation of the Safety Operations Supporting Center.
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This year, one of the field trips was to MOL. MOL showed students how its employees on land and at sea make a concerted effort to support the safe operation of its group vessels 24/7/365 through their field trip to the Safety Operation Supporting Center (SOSC).

MOL employees who graduated from the school gave a presentation on the company’s business operations, and another graduate, was at sea aboard a MOL Group vessel, sent a message saying, “I hope you enjoy this program and learn a lesson through my explanation about my job and the visit to our company.”

Students chat with MOL employees who graduated from the same junior high school.
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Through this workplace visit and interviews with MOL employees, the students got a firsthand look at the attractiveness of the maritime shipping industry and broadened their horizons in career selection.

MOL takes a proactive approach in educational support activities to help students understand and familiarize themselves with the vital role of the ocean-going shipping business and provides career guidance to the next generation. The company continues to provide opportunities for more young people to learn about the importance of the shipping business.


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