MOL Launches 2017 Annual Vessel Safety Campaign

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. announced on 30th June, that its biannual safety campaign will begin on July 1, targeting all MOL Group-operated vessels.

Safety is a top priority in all MOL business activities. The company views safe operation as a key social mission, and is committed to forging ahead to become a world leader in safe operation. As part of these efforts, the president, executives, and other personnel will conduct an extensive series of visits to MOL Group-operated vessels actively. During their visits, they will meet with seafarers who are responsible for safe operation on the front lines and exchange information and opinions about safety-related issues and identify ways to prevent accidents at sea.

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Proposals and ideas gained through this campaign will be shared throughout the MOL Group and among MOL Group-operated vessels to further enhance the group’s safe-operation structure.

Outline of Campaign

Campaign period: Saturday, July 1, 2017 to Saturday, March 31, 2018

Main theme

Probe the causes of onboard similar occupational injuries that reoccur and hold discussions with the crews on ways to break the cycle of these injuries. The campaign will seek to eradicate the injuries by making a habit of “Stop and think more,” in order to carry out “Return to basics,” the theme set forth last year, and share the importance of taking countermeasures from various aspects by leveraging practical case studies.

Through the discussions, the campaign aims to develop a solid, united safety culture (=the corporate culture based on a common set of values that makes safe operation the highest priority) among all MOL Group executives and employees at sea and on land.

Target vessels

MOL-operated vessels (dry bulkers, tankers, LNG carriers, car carriers, containerships) and MOL Group company-operated vessels (ferries, cruise ships, etc.)


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