Microsoft Makes Use Of Recycled Ocean Plastic In Its New Mouse

Microsoft has recently revealed a new mouse for computers. The unique fact about this device is that it is manufactured from recycled ocean plastics (20%) and a 100% reusable, plastic-free box (manufactured with sugarcane fibers and wood). The announcement was made at its Surface event hosted Wednesday.

An August 2020 pledge from the technology giant said that it will pursue zero-waste operations by 2030. It also spoke about putting an end to the use of single-use plastics in product packaging by 2025.

SABIC has collaborated with Microsoft to launch this next-gen Ocean Plastic Mouse. The company joined the assignment to source the recycled raw materials and manufacture a resin that meets Microsoft’s quality standards.

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The project shared a blueprint to demonstrate that reusing and recycling plastic resins recovered from the ocean is achievable when the value chain partners use expertise, knowledge, and work together.

SABIC’s newly made Xenoy resin for the upcoming product is part of the Trucircle portfolio that spans a host of innovative products. These include designs for recyclability, products that have been mechanically recycled, certified circular products generated from feedstock recycling, certified renewable resources from bio-based feedstock, and closed-loop initiatives for recycling plastic into high-quality applications.

Microsoft’s talented design team collaborated with SABIC technologists to share feedback on prototypes made with the new type of resin, resulting in rounds of reformulation before finalizing the final version that exceeded Microsoft’s 10% goal. The final output contains 20% recycled ocean plastic in its shell.

Microsoft's ocean plastic mouse
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Donna Warton, VP, supply chain and sustainability at Microsoft, believes that this is the first step toward using recycled ocean plastic to make devices. It will spur more actions in the industry.

The Ocean Plastic Mouse is available for preorder. It is priced at $24.99. It promises to provide up to 12 months of battery life from one AA battery that can be recharged or replaced easily. Users can customize the three buttons via the company’s downloadable Mouse and Keyboard center.

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