Marine Insight Partners With India’s Oldest Maritime Publishers To Deliver Marine Electrical eBooks


Mumbai, India April, 2021 — Marine Insight today announced that it has partnered globally with Sterling Book House (Shroff Publishers & Distributors Private Limited), to expand its maritime books authored by the world’s number 1 marine electrical author Mr. Elstan Fernandes.

Marine Insight will now deliver all titles of marine electrical series authored by Mr Elstan through their innovative digital managed service solution.

“In collaboration with Marine Insight, I’m excited to take this next step in supporting maritime professionals by introducing digital format of the very popular marine electrical series of books,” said Mr Elstan Fernandes, World’s #1 Author in Marine Engineering Education with 9 technical books (7 International Editions; 24 Copyrights).

“This offering provides a modern, digital solution to the readers worldwide and enables to deliver my industry-leading electrical content as a fully managed digital guides to address the ever-increasing shift to the online training,” said Mr. Elstan.

“Today’s announcement is the outcome of author’s years of experience with marine electrical systems and his endeavour to adapt with the changing times by deploying the full marine electrical series as ebooks in the cloud on Marine Insight Platform,” said Mr Aziz Shroff, Chairman and CMD,  Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. ”

As Asia’s number 1 maritime website, Marine Insight’s strong knowledge of the industry and managed digital services history has enabled the rapid adoption of digital books in the market, and this agreement today takes the marine electrical ebooks globally to those users around the world who are looking to attain these books “, Mr Shroff added.

About Mr Elstan Fernandes 

Mr Elstan Fernandes is the World’s #1 Author in Marine Engineering Education with 9 technical books with 7 International Editions and 24 Copyrights. He has 40+ years of learning, hands-on and teaching experience in the field of marine electrical. He is a member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK), a Member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square (USA) and a Specialist in Marine Control Systems (USSR). He is a founder and co-founder of several businesses and a renowned philanthropist.

About Sterling Book House:

“Sterling Book House” has a history of over eighty-two years. Sterling Book House is the flagship from where three specialised businesses emerged to occupy the top positions in their genre – Computer Bookshop (I) Pvt. Ltd., the first bookshop to dedicate its cause to the development and spread of computer knowledge and by extension, Information Technology; Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. was set up with the sole purpose of bringing affordable books to the doorstep of every reader by licensing Indian reprints of foreign books which hitherto out of reach of the common man; and Bookzone, an oasis where thousands of financial wizards find their books and more. As the saying goes – ‘The only thing constant is change’, Sterling Book House also endeavours to keep up with the times.

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