Marine Insight Launches First-Of-Its-Kind eBook For Marine Engineers

Bengaluru, India, Release: February 10, 2022.  For immediate release

Marine Insight launches a new ebook called “Troubleshooting for Marine Engineers”, written by Saulo Daibes De Vasconcelos.

The ebook comes with a range of resources that can help maritime professionals master the art of troubleshooting machinery systems onboard ships.

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Illustrating strategies for identifying, analysing and understanding problems with real-life stories, this title is practical, highly educational and inspiring.

Some of the topics covered in the book include using Ishikawa diagrams for troubleshooting, injection principles and operation of a diesel engine, problems caused by water in oil, types of analyses and the SPM method.

The ebook is available for purchase only on the Marine Insight eBook store.

Saulo Daibes De Vasconcelos explains that troubleshooting machinery systems onboard ships is a complex subject that can be mastered by following specific steps and choosing the right approach.

According to the author, this ebook can help professionals open their minds to new solutions for problems, regardless of what rank or industry they belong to.

In a recent talk with Marine Insight, Saulo Daibes De Vasconcelos stated that “Troubleshooting for Marine Engineers, Cases in Real Situations is a specific and rare book about real cases faced during my experiences as Marine Engineer and some reports from my marine engineer colleagues. This ebook presents contextualised questions about real troubleshooting, which is reported in several types of ships and oil rigs. It gives the readers some hints to assist them in figuring out the problem within the question itself, presenting a solution to the problems, showing how it is possible to unveil the problem, and giving a step-by-step procedure.”

Anish Wankhede, COO and technology editor at Marine Insight commented that “We are honoured to partner with someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Saulo Daibes De Vasconcelos. This one-of-its-kind ebook will help maritime professionals not just to improve their troubleshooting skills but will also help in creating new perspectives while approaching problems on board ships.”

This is the first ebook Saulo Daibes De Vasconcelos has authored. Therefore there is a lot of excitement about this launch as the author presents many new case studies and successful troubleshooting techniques on ships.

Full details about the ebook can be found at eBook Store

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