Marine Insight Key Skills e-Learning Included On Seably Marketplace

Seably, the global digital marketplace for bespoke maritime training is delighted to announce a new partnership with Marine Insight, the premier online destination for maritime information, training, and education worldwide. Through this partnership, Marine Insight and Seably will create exclusive specialised material that will be available in the marketplace for Seably subscribers from April 2021.

Marine Insight is well known for its conscious effort to go way beyond the ship’s technical and non-technical issues, thus providing an inside view of aspects not generally visible to those outside the maritime world.

Launched in 2010 from two personal laptops, Marine Insight has grown from its roots in Bangalore, India, to become a significant global maritime information-based website. Marine Insight provides maritime news, articles, career guidance, discussions and e-learning, informing and educating people worldwide about the Maritime Industry.

Seably is the first maritime digital marketplace that brings together specialised content, cutting-edge technology and teaching skills from seafarers, educationalists, industry specialists, insurers, surveyors and a whole range of other related service providers. Created by seafarers for seafarers, it provides either free or affordable access to the latest training on a high-tech medium providing real-life learning that can be carried out at any place.

Captain Tim Fenech, Head of Course Development at Seably said, “With Marine Insight, we are able to offer exclusive educational material which strengthens our library of e-learning for the maritime sector. It also keeps us firmly at the forefront of maritime training globally, providing online education that can be easily accessed virtually anywhere.”

Raunek Kantharia, Founder of Marine Insight confirmed the importance of this agreement, saying, “We are delighted to have our specialised content available in the Seably marketplace. At Marine Insight, we reach 1,200,000+ Monthly Visitors and over 100,000 eBook readers. Our videos have received more than 12 million views on the YouTube channel and we have over 1 million social media followers across different channels. Marine Insight has one of the largest online maritime training and education platforms in the world and our partnership with Seably cements our position as a premier destination for seafarers and shipping companies globally.”

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