Maersk Line Meets Polar Code Deck Officer Training Requirements

Deck officers and captains from Maersk Line participate in a series of Ice Navigation training courses at Aboa Mare in Turku, Finland. The courses fulfil the Polar Code training requirements and are designed according to the particular needs of Maersk Line’s Navigating Officers, taking into account the Baltic Feeder newbuildings that will be delivered later this year.

The officers at Maersk Line will receive both Polar Code training as well as knowledge and skills essential to the operation of these newbuildings in ice and winter conditions. The first course for Maersk Line’s Navigating Officers was taught in July, with the rest scheduled to take place during the second half o f 2017.

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The Polar Code requirements will be mandatory as of 1st July 2018

The IMO International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (Polar Code) entered into force on January 1st, 2017. The Polar Code addresses ship design, construction and equipment, operational and training concerns, search and rescue and the protection of the unique environment of the polar regions ( Crew training will be mandatory under STCW as of 1st July 2018 for all captains and officers sailing in Arctic and Antarctic waters, depending on the ice conditions in the operating area.

Simulators enable training in varying ice conditions

The training is conducted in an optimal training environment. Aboa Mare’s simulators allow the course participants to practice realistic situations in a range of ice conditions. Aboa Mare’s tools for simulator training are continually developed and the training is often tailor-made according to the specific needs of the customer, as is the case with Maersk Line.

Aboa Mare has been providing training in ice navigation for ten years, and today off ers a diversifi ed training portfolio in ice navigation training, including Basic and Advanced training in accordance with the Polar Code as well as training for Baltic and other sub-arctic ice conditions. Ship handling in ice, ice management training and specialized ice training is delivered according to the needs of the customer.


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