Maersk Line In 2nd Place, Reliability Score Dips

Despite a drop in reliability for the first quarter, Maersk Line remains in the top quartile position delivering a reliability score of 80.4%.

The first quarter reliability results by maritime analyst SeaIntel show Maersk Line slipping to second place while CSAV secures the top spot with a 0.6% point lead at 81%. Hamburg Süd comes in third with 80.2%. Comparing to the liner’s performance in the same quarter last year however, Maersk Line posted a slight increase of 0.8% points.

Head of Operations Execution Keith Svendsen explains that the decline was largely due to congestion on the United States West Coast impacting January reliability.

Global decline

The report also indicates a global decline of reliability from 73.7% in the last quarter of 2014 to 69.7% for the first quarter of 2015. A number of incidents around the word contributed to the dip in results.

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Keith Svendsen explains that the global performance fluctuates based on seasons and unforeseen events.

Maersk Line’s performance per trade

On the Asia-North Europe trade lane now operated in a vessel-sharing agreement (VSA) with MSC, Maersk line posted an overall schedule reliability of 91.1%, putting the carrier in the top spot. In the Asia-Mediterranean trade lane Maersk Line comes in second to CSAV with a recorded schedule reliability of 76.2%.

2M performance

2M posted a schedule reliability score of 79.3% in February but declined in March with an average of 67.5%. Despite the dip, 2M is still the most reliable alliance in the East-West trade lane, followed by Ocean Three and CKYHE.

Maersk Line moving forward

Maersk Line is constantly seeking ways to improve its service to customers and at the same time perform in the top quartile in the industry. As such network reviews and optimisation projects are currently ongoing and services are expected to stabilise over the next weeks.


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