Maersk Fluid Technology Outlines The Benefits Of Its BOB Lubrication System

Maersk Fluid Technology’s SEA-Mate® Blending-on-Board lubrication system is an Innovative concept compared to conventional lubrication practices. It reduces lube oil consumption by up to 40%, cuts fuel consumption by 1.5% at slow steaming, prevents cold corrosion and reduces maintenance costs.

Maersk Fluid Technology is a fully-owned subsidiary of A.P. Moller – Maersk Group, and provides best-in-class, cost-effective and technologically leading solutions for clients’ lubrication needs. Their products have been developed since 2008 starting out as an idea, materialising into a concept and through years of field testing, it has turned into the globally patented solution named ‘Blending-on-Board’ lubrication system and the “SEA-Mate® XRF Analyser” for wear analysis and monitoring.

The products are today branded as SEA-Mate® and the concept is based on propriety technology designed to enable the operator to custom blend a fit-for-purpose cylinder lubricant from in-use 2-stroke engine system oil and a high-BN cylinder oil like a 140BN or 300BN cylinder oil product available from oil majors in ports worldwide.

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