Lynette Bryson Becomes The First Female Captain For Ferry Giant ‘Stena Line’

Stena Line has highlighted that Brexit, coupled with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, has resulted in a significant shortage of workers needed to fill in vacancies and also address skills shortages in the maritime sector. With a shortage of labor in the shipping industry, there is rising competition for much-needed talent.

Stena Line believes that if the shipping industry wants to do away with its job crisis, then it has to motivate more females to pursue careers at sea. This must be in roles that are still viewed as ideal for men.

The ferry giant declared the name of its first female Captain, Lynette Bryson (33), a Master on Stena Line’s Stena Adventurer. She leads a Bridge team of female officers.

stena line female captain Lynette Bryson
Image Credits: Stena Line

The Stena Adventurer is among the largest vessels of Stena Line’s fleet. It operates on the Dublin-Holyhead route, offering four services daily. Lynette Bryson serves as the Night Master with her team and is in charge of two of the trips.

Since she joined Stena Line in 2017, Lynette has been working herself through the ranks. She has managed to gain four promotions owing to her dedication and diligence in terms of leadership on the vessel.

Captain Bryson said that she was proud to be sailing as the first female Master on Stena Adventurer. She added that she could not have achieved this without the support of her colleagues.

As a young woman, she always wanted to pursue a career at sea but never thought she could achieve being a ship’s Captain. She hopes that her position encourages more aspiring young women to embark on the same journey and build a maritime career.

The Swedish company has a target to employ 30% females as managers by the 2022 year-end. In a sector that has 2% women seafarers of 1.2 million, this is quite an ambitious goal that lays a gauntlet for all other shipping enterprises to also try and achieve.

Stena Line’s Group Head of People, Margaret Jensen Dickson, said that the maritime sector is experiencing a job crisis coupled with a massive shortage of workers in the industry. Irrespective of whether the issues have popped up due to the pandemic or Brexit, there is a solution and that is to encourage more females to take up employment opportunities in shipping.

The people crisis is one of the biggest problems Stena Line has ever encountered. With Lynette Bryson as the first female Captain, the company has shown that women will succeed even at sea, and Stena Line will support them.


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