Lost Cargo Vessel Discovered Off Indonesia

A 3,900-dwt lost cargo vessel named the Mutia Ladjoni lost contact on 11 November but was located drifting between Timika and Dobo in the eastern part of Indonesia. The crew on board has safely been evacuated.


From 11 November, there was no contact with Mutia Ladjoni after it had run adrift off the Aru Islands. The search mission for the ship started immediately and was extended into the week.

Lost Cargo Vessel Discovered Off Indonesia
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Per information, the vessel departed on 9 November from Papua province’s Timika, sailing for East Kalimantan’s Bontang port.


The ship owner informed the SAR office that they’d lost contact with the vessel on 11 November when it was in the Arafura Sea. They tried establishing a connection by radio again on 12 November and then reported the ship missing when they failed to show any communication.


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