LNG Tanker Vessel To Be Stationed In Finland, Instead Of Estonia

The tanker that is expected to carry and store liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be stationed in Inga, Finland, instead of Estonia’s Paldiski, as declared by Riina Sikkut, the Estonian Minister of Economics and Infrastructure.

That an agreement concerning the matter was reached was informed by Sikkut ERR after she and her Finland-based co-worker, Mika Lintilä, had visited Paldiski, where, like Inga, the building of an LNG terminal is fast progressing.

Sikkut admitted that it had become evident that the tanker vessel would be stationed in Finland by July when she became the minister.

In spring, Finland and Estonia reportedly agreed that the vessel would be stationed in the country that completes its terminal first.

LNG Terminal’s Tanker Vessel
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Estonia envisages completing its terminal based in Paldiski by November 2022. Finland plans on getting its terminal done by December 2022.

However, per Sikkut, Finland has made it evident how the current situation in Finland has evolved since spring – Russia stopped offering gas. Following the massive explosions with the Nord Stream pipeline, there have been increasing concerns regarding the security and safety of the Balticconnector pipeline linking Paldiski and Inda.

However, considering the concerns regarding electricity prices, it’s expected to be low in the Baltic States and Estonia if Finland produces enough electricity, the minister elaborated.

Finland boasts gas power stations with a power output capacity of approximately 600 MWh — which Estonia lacks. This is precisely why Finland needs the ship to establish the security of its supplies, and they also severely need it close by.

This was agreed upon with the Finnish colleague, Sikkut further explained.

In September, Sikkut reported that Estonia needs its LNG tanker vessel stationed in Paldiski. She also added that one might even be rented in the coming winter.

Re-gasification and storage tanker named Exemplar is owned by a US firm called Excelerate Energy. It is now in a Spain-based dry dock – the vessel is gradually being prepared for operations during winter.

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