Life-Size Replica Of Titanic Continues To Rust In China For 7 Years

A life-size replica of the Titanic ship in Sichuan Province of Southwest China has been lying dormant on a dock for seven years. It has been in such a state since its construction in 2014.

As per media reports, the model liner soaked up about $154.26 million in terms of investment. It had been scheduled to embark on its maiden voyage in 2017.

Titanic Replica Rusting in China
Image Credits: MBTubes – YouTube

The replica of the Titanic is currently lying in the Romandisea Seven Star International Culture Tourism Resort, Daying County. As per the introduction of its official website, the replica had been built according to the same size and functions of the famous ship, including observation platforms, banquet halls, theatres, and pools. Viral video clips showed that the cruise ship has still been lying in the dock and gathering rust.

Earlier in 2020, it was reported that the Titanic replica cruise had been set to sail last year. However, the plans failed. The Titanic replica has been one of the resort’s imported scenic spots. It has reportedly received more than 1 billion yuan of investment.

The Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group Co (the shipbuilder) official website disclosed that the company had signed a series of contracts with the resort owner in 2014. A construction ceremony was also organized that year.


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