Lawsuit Filed By Passengers Of Ruby Princess Cruise Ship

Reports have recently surfaced where it is said that passengers on board the Ruby Princess have reportedly filed a class-action lawsuit against Carnival in Australia. The reason for the lawsuit is the infamous COVID-19 outbreak onboard the Ruby Princess.

Shine Lawyers is the firm representing the passengers in the lawsuit. A Shine Lawyers spokesperson said that the code of conduct followed by the company during the outbreak was grossly misleading, as well as deceptive. They also said that the outbreak was mishandled.

A spokesperson of the firm said, “It is also alleged operators of the Ruby Princess were negligent and failed in their duty of care to provide passengers with a safe cruise.”

Princess Cruises_SkyPrincess
Image Credits: Princess Cruises

The firm alleged that the company knew about the dangers faced due to the Coronavirus, knowing that passengers on board had a high chance of contracting the disease. According to them, not enough measures were taken from the side of the passengers, ensuring their safety.

A Class Action Practice Leader was quick to comment, “More than 20 people have died, many remain gravely ill, while others struggle daily with the grief of having lost a loved one or having to care for a very sick relative.”

It is also reported that the ship was the largest coronavirus spreader in Australia.

The firm also said that all the 2,700 passengers who had travelled on board the ship were eligible to apply for this lawsuit, as well as tge relatives of those who perished onboard the ship.


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